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The successful know this…

What’s up Fit Fam, I hope you had a great weekend and made your Sunday productive with relaxation as well as getting prepared for your week ahead. I meal prepped a bit and got nutritionally ready for my week — what did you do yesterday that made your today better? I respect those that work […]

Dedicated results

Hey Fit Fam! I hope you are having a great Monday and are ready to attack the rest of the week 🙂 Every time I sit down with new members I am always reminded of what gets people pumped up to workout. What is their driving force to get to the gym and workout? Everyone […]

Being just “OK”

Whats up Fit Fam!! It has been quite a busy past few weeks for everyone, and I am happy to see you still kicking butt in boot camp and keeping your fitness goals alive. Even though it is the busiest time of the year, I am impressed that you always are committed to your health […]

Consistency and Commitment – Monday Motivation

Happy Monday and I am glad to see you starting the week off strong! Staying committed to yourself and your fitness goals is crucial – especially when Monday rolls around. How you start the week can drastically affect how the week goes and how you feel. That is why Monday is one of the most […]