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Oscar. z

Coming to fitness4ward is one of the best parts of my day. I always look forward to the workouts as they are always so different and I feel like I learn something new each day I go in. This place has helped me grow so much in my fitness journey that when I look back at the “old” me I cant believe how far I have come along. I have been here for about a year and a half and I still go in excited to push myself and work with the other members. The environment is always fun and engaging and the trainer Jon is very attentive and helpful.

Paolo. E

I'd always been skeptical to join a gym or a boot camp, but I'm so glad that I gave Fitness4ward a try! From my initial meeting with coach Jon to now, I've felt a constant support from him and the rest of the members to keep working hard and pushing myself to achieve higher goals. There's a good mix of people from all levels of experience with working out, and every day I walk out feeling so accomplished. Every week is a different workout so I'm constantly kept on my toes and learning different ways to workout. Jon really helps you map out your goals and gives you the tips and strategies you need to be able to reach those goals and surpass them. He and the trainers give you the foundation to be better and more knowledgeable on proper forms and different exercise variations. He takes regular measurements to track your progress, and honestly mine blew me away, all thanks to Fitness4ward!


My intial goal was weight loss, after joining Fitness4ward I discovered my strength and fell in love with lifting weights and getting stronger by the week! Fitness4ward gave me the tools, motivation and community that I needed in my life.

“Before starting fitness4ward I was never comfortable in the gym which led to me never going. I had no idea how to use the weights and machines so I figured I would try out some places to workout. I did boxing and had a personal trainer, but both of those didnt work out as I didnt feel like I was challenged enough. I found Fitness4ward when I was searching for places to workout and decided to try it out for a month. I loved every workout and I always felt that I was being challenged and pushed. Not only do we workout but we are taught a lot about form and technique which helped me move past my limits. Included in the program was a lot of nutrition coach and one on one help which was amazingly helpful in making me feel better, more energized, and helped me drop the unwanted fat. I love this place!

Victoria Takeda

“For as long as I remember I have always hated my body image. I was depressed, self loathing, and self hating. But I constantly had an excuse to try to justify my situation. I would do a 6 week program and then move on to the next one. I never got the feeling that they actually cared about me and my goals. They just wanted another paying customer. I didn’t learn anything or was told why I was doing certain exercises. I never stuck to a program so I never kept the weight off. It always came back. And I would hate myself again. 🔹It wasn’t until I happened to find through Groupon. I vividly remember having my first sit-down with @jonchapetta. He asked me what my situation was, what my goals we’re and if I was willing to do what it takes. He listened to me and guaranteed me that he would help me reach my goals. 🔹 And since then I have stayed with him and his boot camp.

Bryan Clar

“Since i started at I’ve lost 40 lbs and 1/5th of my total body fat percentage, the workouts are intense and full of challenges, what i like the most about Fitness4ward is that every day we focus and target on a different muscle group which gives us more understanding and knowledge about how to transform our bodies! Jon is such a great trainer, i am lucky to have found this place and glad to come here everyday and work hard for my goals!

Huge thank you to @jonchapetta and I’m really excited to see what this year brings!”

Jose Tolentino

“Since i started at I’ve lost 60 pounds, it has been a journey of ups & downs but NEVER GIVING UP!

Jon Chapetta really changed my life, he supported me the whole way with his nutrition insights, challenging daily sessions and encouraging emails and talks.. I will never look back, i’m the healthiest ,strongest, happiest i’ve been in my whole life and i owe it all to my second home Fitness4ward! I don’t ever see myself not coming here, it has been the best decision of my life and the only regret is not have started sooner!

Thank you Jon and Fitness4ward for forever changing my life and allowing me to reach my full potential.”

emily eboncek

“I would only run and ever since i started coming to Fitness4ward my conditioning and running has improved so much! As well as my physique and strength. Jon takes his time teaching you the correct form or every exercise and is very helpful in Nutrition as well! I love Fitness4ward and i’m glad i found my gym and community here!”

Emily Ebonek has been a member for 3 years

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