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What’s up Fit Fam,
I hope you had a great weekend and made your Sunday productive with relaxation as well as getting prepared for your week ahead. I meal prepped a bit and got nutritionally ready for my week — what did you do yesterday that made your today better?
I respect those that work hard and go after their goals – so thank you for hustling and be ready for an awesome week.
This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a “Success Summit” convention where hundreds of young and eager individuals were embarking on their own journey to financial success. The event was for new recruits of a specific company to help them in their entrepreneur journey – so it was obviously something I was interested in listening to.
Andy Frisella, the main speaker and owner of a massively successful supplement company, had a lot of great points in his talk, and they reminded me of when I first started my own journey in business.
He spoke about the challenges and the tough times he had. The endless nights. The insomnia. The 15-20 hour days. The endless “no’s” he got. The daily grind — The most important points because those endless nights and countless hours of hardship are what creates the badass inside of you. Tough people are created through tough times. You will never meet a successful person in any area of their life that did not make sacrifices to attain greatness.
Success is about getting through that daily grind and staying committed to working toward your goals.
There will be times when it feels like endless movement without any progress.
There will be times when you want to quit.
There will be times when you’re burnt out and exhausted.
And that is ok, In fact, its normal.
You will surely experience that at some point in your life in regards to your goals. Those challenging times are there to challenge you physically, mentally, and to prepare you for the greatness ahead.
They are there to harden you and your commitment to your goal. Those are the crucial hours, days, months and years that make you successful.
For you, getting in the gym and training day after day and putting in the hours — those are the hours that make you successful.
Grinding it out.
Working on your form.
Challenging yourself.
Encouraging others when you need encouragement.
Putting in the work when others are out there getting fatter and farther from their goals.
That is what you need to level up. You are desinted for something greater. That is why I respect you and why I am here for you.
I absolutely love being around the energy in this fitness program and the Success Summit was a nice reminder of the attitude you have toward fitness. Remember your first time sitting down with me? Look how far you have come from that point and how much you have learned.
I am proud of you. Lets make this week amazing 🙂
Your Coach,