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Hey Fit Fam!
I hope you are having a great Monday and are ready to attack the rest of the week 🙂
Every time I sit down with new members I am always reminded of what gets people pumped up to workout. What is their driving force to get to the gym and workout?
Everyone has different goals when they begin and exercise regimen. Some may be getting ready for swimsuit season, a special event or just trying to lose a few extra pounds. All of these are great medium to long term goals, which is why some people get discouraged and lose motivation(the enemy is motivation) in the short term, when they don’t see immediate changes. What most people don’t think about is the immediate rewards of working out regularly: Feeling Better!
It is a scientifically proven fact that working out will make you feel happier. You may have heard runners talk about the ‘runner’s high’ they get after they run–what they’re referring to is the release of endorphin, which are released when you’re active and/or excited which lead to feelings of euphoria. This natural high is similar in its chemical process to the use of opiates (as we talked about earlier), similar to drugs like morphine. When you challenge your body beyond the baseline activity, your body will release endorphins that make you feel better. This is why physicians and psychologists recommend exercise for patients receiving pain treatment, suffering from depression, anxiety or hypertension among other problems.
In addition to helping you ward off the blues, here are some more immediate effects of exercising: studies show participants who exercise in the morning are more focused throughout the day, both due to increased blood flow as well as the endorphins which help you prioritize and concentrate better. You’ll also have more energy throughout the day, so you can ward off the 3 pm slowdown without having to resort to a candy bar from the vending machine (which will give you a sugar high and a crash soon after). And finally, exercising increases productivity. You’ll notice that many successful professionals are active despite busy schedules–because the time invested in exercising pays off many times over and not just by keeping their bodies healthy.
Want first hand evidence of the ‘happy’ results of exercising? Just look around at your gym or boot camp group. Who are the most motivated and upbeat members? You’ll notice that it’s the regular Beasts who have made exercising a priority in their lives despite busy work and family schedules. They may not be competitive or professional athletes, but they make the time to invest in their physical and mental health. They’re usually also the ones that mentor others and cheer them on to achieve their personal goals.
The great news is, you can be THAT dedicated person every day. Make a date with yourself gym and be ready to work out. Erase excuses by being prepared. Keep a gym bag ready in the car. Will working out take time away from socializing with friends? Encourage them to join you and bond over endorphins rather than cocktails. Try new activities: you might discover a new hobby you hadn’t considered. San Diego is rich with opportunities to go hiking, running on the beach, swimming, biking, rock climbing, dancing, kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding or any other activity that is new to you.
So while you keep your eye on your personal goals every day as you work out and push yourself a little more at boot camp, know that you don’t have to wait months for results. You’ll feel better all through today. The point is to enjoy all of the benefits that exercising offers, not just the success of looking great months from now. What better motivation could you ask for?
Rock on and I will see you in the sessions 🙂