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Strong & Lean ABS Book



We are here to show you what works the best in the fitness industry and guide you every step. Our goal is to help you become the leader in your life and help you work for what you deserve.

In our 15 years in business and thousands of successful transformations, we have found the best ways we help our clients get in phenomenal shape and
keep them motivated is by keeping them excited and teaching them new things throughout the process.

The first section of the book will give help you see where you are and how to deal with motivation, commitment, and staying consistent. The battle of the mind is one of the hardest to overcome, and it needs to be addressed before beginning your journey to accomplish a true and long-lasting transformation.

After that, we will go over how to lose body fat the most straightforward way, without struggling through hard-to-follow diets and fads that most people will never stick to in the long run anyway. Finally, we will go over the abdominal training part of the book to get you started on strengthening your abs so as you lose body fat. You will begin to see the rock-hard definition from the workouts. In the end, you’re going to be well on your way to becoming mentally and physically stronger.

Your Coach, Jon Chapetta
Owner – Fitness4ward – Strength & Conditioning Gym In San Diego,


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