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Whats up Fit Fam,
I hope your Monday is going well 🙂 Always start the week off with the best foot forward and it will usually propel you forward.
I love to workout – I love going to the gym and putting in an hour of intensity, pure mental and physical domination. It helps me in all areas of my life.
This weekend I was working out and a guy comes up to me to talk… It happens often, and its always the dudes, haha.
He says, “Damn man, you make me look bad, you have obviously been working out for a while”
I said yes, I have and I love to workout as it gives me an opportunity to learn something about myself everyday. How far I can push myself, how far my coach can push me etc.
He stopped me and said you have a trainer? Why do YOU need a trainer, aren’t you there already?
I laughed at him. He obviously doesn’t understand the concept of a coach. On top of that he was clearly not in great shape, but I don’t judge others outside my gym.
I used the opportunity to school him on my passion, my industry… the coaching industry.
I have done this in the past so it was easy and fluid for me to explain to him, but it was a nice reminder to me why I do what I do.
I told him a trainer or coach does more than just provide a workout and workout information. A coach is more than just a workout buddy to hold you accountable and motivate you when you’re at the gym.
A great coach will help you break cycles of self sabotage that causes you to lose and gain weight over and over.
A great coach will help you overcome your self-limiting beliefs, so you can break through your glass ceilings and barriers that currently hold you back from your success.
A great coach will help you crush your excuses and teach you how to stop falling into the “trap of tomorrow”, where you push everything off until “tomorrow”… but tomorrow never comes and you continue to get farther from your goal and out of shape. The path of tomorrow leads to a town called nowhere.
My job is not just to tell you what to do, its to tell you what not to do as well. What scam diets, pills, powders you should not waste your money on.
And when you hit a wall, a barrier, an obstacle, which you 100% certainly will… When you feel like quitting and giving up, which you 100% most certainly will, it is my job to get you back on track and keep you there.
Again, a trainer is more than a coach for resources and workouts, you can get that shit for free on google.
But what a great coach can do for you that you will never find anywhere else is help you identify your goals, give you a solid game plan to help you achieve those goals, give you hope and support when self sabotage sets in, give you the strength to stick to the program when the going gets tough, and give you the confidence to help you maintain your goals.
The dude obviously was not expecting that response from me. Sometimes I surprise myself too 🙂
Guess there is more to this beard and bun than meets the eye.
Everyone needs a coach to level up, so if you need to chat with me and set some goals, then what are you waiting for?
If you are limiting yourself or sabotaging yourself, then why aren’t you working closer with me to help you unlock your true strength?
Don’t put your goals on hold. Don’t say you will do it later on down the line. All you are doing is putting responsibility on your future self, when in reality the responsibility is yours to take action on now, today.
I’m here to help, so if you want it, reach out to me.
Your coach,