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Whats up Fit Fam,
I hope your day is going well 🙂 To the morning sessions, you guys crushed it, and I know you felt great afterward! To the evening – BE ready to ROCK!
Anyway, i’m sure you have heard by now that Bob Harper of the Biggest Loser has suffered from a heart attack at the age of 51.
When I heard it I thought “jeeeez, I cant believe that!” feeling bad for the guy. Obviously he is alive, and on the mend, but daaaamn!
Then I started to think, well some jackasses will say “See, why bother? If a super fit guy like Bob Harper has had a heart attack, then why should I even try?”
And that person will use this as an *Excuse* to give up on their dreams of being fit and healthy. They will settle for “average” or probably worse than that, and stay in a life of mediocrity.
I just want to remind you to NOT be that person.
So, why workout? Why do anything else?
In Bobs own words….”Every single day matters.”
You don’t think that Bob was living life on his terms? Do you think he regrets being in GREAT shape? I would bet real money he doesn’t regret a single workout.
Do you think he regrets the lives he has influenced to be healthier and fitter? — Of course not!
When your number is up, your number is up – and no one knows when their time will come. Right?
So why bother then?
Because every single day matters more than you can imagine and you OWE it to yourself to make the MOST out of every day you have left on this planet.
Change more lives, live life, do more, be more, love more.
Live with no regrets.
Owe it to yourself to live an EXTRAORDINARY life – the world needs more people like that. Like YOU!
Be Awesome. Inspire Awesomeness!
Your trainer,