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What’s up Fit Fam,
The past few weeks has been awesome for a lot of you. I have heard great stories of success and happiness in light of the transformation contest we are having. I am so proud of you all and I am excited to see the how all of you do a few weeks from now.
Working on yourself and always moving toward a better version of yourself is important.
The biggest lie we can tell ourselves is that we are ok with just the way things are and that it is ok to become complacent.
Now for some areas of your life that may be true – but we can always do something to improve other areas that need work.
I believe that we come into this world with only survival skills and the desire to become something great. It takes dedication and really hard work to become the greatest version of yourself.
Let’s be honest though, not everyone has the stomach to go after their dreams and become great… But for those of you who do, I want to share something with you that I have discovered about greatness, personal and professional growth.
Greatness is defined as “peak performance” or “extremely notable” or “exceptionally outstanding”
We are well into the New Year, and I am assuming most people have already forgotten about their New Years resolutions, but for those who are looking to attain greatness – I have to ask you something…
Has your inner voice gotten louder? If I were to guess, for those looking to improve and change their lives, I bet they have.
Now here is what I know is true about the topic….
In this time and age of Facebook and Instagram where immediate satisfaction is attained through likes and views, you can get massively disappointed when greatness doesn’t just happen overnight. Don’t let this happen to you – don’t let immediate satisfaction be your greatness – because that will fade.
If you are willing to put in the work and give it time under tension, just like the work we do in our sessions, then I can guarantee you that greatness will be yours. The uncertainty, the ups and the downs, and the chaos of life will fade away and that will all become a part of the past.
Interestingly enough, just like developing a muscle, greatness is something that needs to be trained and used often in high repetition over a long period of time.
That is the only way you can become the best version of yourself in all areas of life. Otherwise you are simply living a life of indifference and survival — and that is a wasted life in my opinion.
Sure you can act as if everything is great in your life and go through the motions, but that kind of greatness is only temporary. That kind of greatness usually crumbles under adversity and temptation and you quickly revert back to old bad habits. I mean, look back to January 1st this year – what were your goals? What were your aspirations? What did you want to accomplish?
An important questions is – Did you already revert back to your old ways? Are you already falling into that trap?
I hope not, and if you have, don’t worry there is a way out of the trap.
You need to build greatness – but how do you do that?
Greatness is having the discipline to wake up, do the work, even on your bad days.
Greatness is doing whats right even when no one is looking.
Greatness is holding yourself to a higher standard and expectation.
Greatness is setting daily habits and rituals that lead to better health and happiness.
Greatness is choosing to be an optimist even in the face of adversity.
Greatness is being someone that others can count on.
Greatness is choosing to do more than bare minimum to get by.
Greatness is your leading from the front and leading by a good example.
Greatness is when you master your emotions, fears and frustrations.
Greatness is being confident, decisive, and definitive in you actions.
Greatness is paying it forward.
Most importantly, greatness is taking responsibility for exactly where you are in life.
Create healthy habits and practice them daily – that is how you build greatness. Define greatness in your own life and be disciplined enough to become extraordinary.
You are meant to lead, succeed, triumph, and help others – that is why we have been brought together in this fitness family and I am so grateful to be a part of it all.
I believe in you, and if you need to talk and make your goals a reality, you know how to reach me.
Your trainer,