What’s up Warrior!
I had a conversation with myself this last week.

It was about how I felt about where I am physically -, and it has a two-part answer.


I feel great working out in the gym, I love training with our crew, and I feel amazing after a workout. My day always goes so much better when I get in a sweat session.

I could definitely be better on my nutrition because I want to get leaner. I am not where I want to be and want shred 10 more lbs.

You see, each year I find it essential to dial in my nutrition and get lean so I can see all the definition and body I built in the gym.

For many other people and me in San Diego, there are two times of the year when I want to drop some extra weight.

The first time began in late January when I dropped 10 lbs (because I love to eat in Oct, Nov, and Dec). I didn’t follow a specific diet but did what we coached in January for our fat loss program (Those of you who joined know precisely how we do it)


When I dropped the New Year’s weight, my energy was high, and I enjoyed seeing the weight come off. I mean, who likes to keep the holiday chubbz on? Not me!


Now let me tell you about the next time of the year I will focus on fat loss.


This is what I call the summer shred – and I do it at the same time of the year to get in the best summer shape. Summer lasts until October in San Diego, so I like to feel AMAZING and lean for June, July, August, and September 🙂


What do I do?

I dial in a specific diet to get my body to shred body fat as fast as possible.

It’s very different than the New Year phase, as there are specific foods to eat and not eat.


This phase is designed to get a specific result – Drop as much fat as possible in the shortest time – 6 weeks, 15-20 lbs.


I will be starting this shred on May 28th, and if you want in on the program, this is what is included:

Summer Shred Meal Plan – The key to your fat loss success ( vegetarian option included) ($99 Value)
Shred Recipe Book – Full of delicious fat loss meals ($99 Value)
Quick and Easy Grocery Guide – making your life 1000% easier and faster ($59 Value)
Success Manual – Making fat loss super easy ($49 Value)
Weekly Success Trackers – To keep you motivated and consistent ($29 Value)
Restaurant Guide for Fat Loss – Never struggle when going out again ($29 Value)
Continued support and Private FB group coaching ​- Guiding you every step of the way (Priceless)

​Instead of paying well over $350, you will get this for only $60.


I know you all have a friend or family member who would be interested in losing weight, and for them, the program will only be $129.

When you get your friend or family member to sign up, you get this for free.


Let me know if you are down to drop some weight this summer alongside me. We will have a sign-up sheet in the gym 🙂


Your coach, getting you stronger and leaner,

Jon Chapetta

Fitness4ward, Inc

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