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Mastering the Deadlift Seminar


In-person Deadlift Seminar

April 1st 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

At: Fitness4ward, 9292 Miramar Rd, San Diego, 92126



Are you ready to take your deadlifting to the next level?
Join us for this exclusive “Mastering the Deadlift” seminar and hands-on workshop, where you’ll learn from the best in the industry and take your strength training to new heights!
This exclusive one-day event, led by renowned gym owner Jon Chapetta and world-class powerlifter and coach Keith Correa, who can deadlift an incredible 770 lbs, will give you the ultimate edge in mastering the deadlift and transforming your physique.
Imagine the feeling of effortlessly hoisting heavy weights and building a powerhouse of a body with rock-solid glutes, legs, and core.
During the seminar, you’ll learn proper technique and form, progressions and variations, injury prevention, and how to incorporate the deadlift into your training program. You’ll also have the opportunity to receive hands-on guidance and feedback from our experts, so you can perfect your form and see actual results.
But the benefits of mastering the deadlift go beyond just improving your numbers in the gym. You’ll also feel more confident and powerful, build a strong and impressive physique, and see improvements in your overall performance.
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best, achieve your strength goals, and take your deadlifting to new heights! Sign up for our “Mastering the Deadlift” seminar today and join us to become a stronger, more confident version of yourself!
The entry includes access to our 3-hour seminar, Q&A, individual practical application snacks & coffee, and a detailed handout summarizing the key points covered during the workshop, and so much more only for $199
* We will only have 20 spots available *
*Fitness4ward members that sign up before March 11th will receive a 25% discount. Sign up at the front desk or email us at infofitness4ward


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