Nutrition Coaching

We offer top notch nutritional coaching in all of our programs which is a crucial part of our members success. We coach on all aspects of nutrition including how to determine what body type you are, what foods work best with your body type, what foods help fight fat and increase energy, how protein – carbohydrates – and fat affect the body, how to make good choices when eating out or on the go, and even provide great grocery shopping habits to save money while eating healthy-delicious food.

Our coaches are certified through Precision Nutrition, which means you will be put through one of the best nutritional science and coaching programs in the country. Precision Nutritional coaches are taught how to assess you based on skill level, body type, social support and history of eating.

Without nutritional control and changes, we find that people do not see lasting changes and their results are minimal if even noticeable. This results in disappointment and unhappiness.

However, we find that exercise and nutrition paired together can do amazing things to the body and can completely transform your life.

Through our Precision Nutrition Coaching Program our members results are 3 to 10 times better than those who exercise alone.

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When you join our nutrition coaching program we provide you with:

  • An initial consult to assess where you currently stand and what your nutritional skill level is
  • Personal monthly nutrition coaching with homework geared toward teaching you how to eat for your body type
  • An exercise program to complement your nutrition program
  • Lessons on nutrition to educate you on the most up-to-date, science-backed research in nutrition
  • Nutritional habits given monthly and progressively based on skill level to progress you step-by-step toward your goal
  • Body composition tracking to evaluate progress and provide you with key information about why you lose fat in certain areas based on body type
  • Weekly emails packed with motivation, tips, healthy recipes and more
  • 100% access to our Precision Nutrition coach should you need any extra help during your program

Why nutrition coaching?

We design personal nutrition plans that are guaranteed to produce results.


We’ve done the research and have the knowledge to help support you with your nutritional efforts towards your weight-loss goals.

100% Guaranteed

If you stick with our program and after 12 months you don’t feel happier, healthier and in better shape, we will pick up the tab for you.

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Based on factors such as your body type, food preferences, and goals, we design a personalized nutrition plan just for you.

Sign up four our nutrition coaching and start seeing results!


Healthier Than Ever

“I was one of those people that thought a six pack would magically appear by doing tons of cardio, watching the Brooke Burke/Gunner Peterson Core Secrets DVDs, and drinking the occasional protein shake. I considered myself to be in good shape because I ran on the treadmill. It wasn’t until one day at a family beach party when I felt too embarrassed and self-conscious to wear a bathing suit, that I knew I had to make a change.  Since training at Fitness4ward I have become the fittest and healthiest I have ever been. By learning the importance of strength training, nutrition, hard work and commitment I have not only changed physically but mentally as well.  Jons program has helped me erase self-doubt by achieving goals I once thought were far-fetched and I have never felt better.  He is genuinely there for each of his clients, motivating them in all ways possible to succeed and the results reach far beyond the gym doors.”

– Melanie

Our coaching program teaches habits and principles, rather than diets, so you get a great understanding of how food affects you, and why eating a certain way will help you in your fitness goals.