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Without proper nutrition, your workouts wont be enough. We’ll give you education on nutrition so you’ll know just what to eat and what foods to avoid.

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Losing weight after baby #3

“In my 39 years, I’ve always been active and into working out, but after baby #3, I needed a little extra motivation and help with dropping the 60 pounds I had gained. I spent my time at the gym, unmotivated, going from one machine to another, with no real plan, then leaving with an unaccomplished feeling. That’s when I realized I couldn’t do it alone. Since joining Fitness4ward, I now realize how little I knew about working out “RIGHT”. Thanks to Jon, I have a new found love (not to mention excitement) for exercise and eating healthy. Jon is not only educated and informed on what it takes to see results, but he is personally invested in all of his members’ success. He educates us on the physical aspects of working out, as well as the mental and emotional aspects, a proper diet and overall healthy lifestyle. Jon and the program are now an integral part of my life and I am truly grateful to have met him.

– Catalina


“We know that a good fitness program is not just focused on exercise, but having a healthy mindset, sound nutritional advice and a clear direction on where you want your fitness journey to take you. It is amazing to see the physical and mental transformations that take place here.”

Jon Chapetta – Owner, Fitness Instructor